Black Bean Pasta Salad

Black Bean Pasta Salad

Lunch this past week, part 2.

Looking at this recipe, I don’t actually think it’s a salad. Yep, it is most definitely supposed to be serve hot.

With that said, it tastes pretty good cold.

While this recipe is not as simple as this week’s lunch, part 1, it’s not all that hard, either. Between the two dishes, I think I liked this recipe better, although it may be just because I am a pasta fiend.

There really is not much to say about this recipe….. I personally thought that there were too many beans, however, my parents disagreed. I would add more tomatoes for next time, and maybe a little more cilantro, scallions, and cumin, just to add a little more flavor.

Time to make: 30 minutes


-1 lb bowties
-2 Tbsp olive oil
-1 bunch trimmed and thinly sliced scallions
-1 + 1/2 tsp ground cumin
-1 + 1/2 Tbsp lime juice
-15 oz rinsed black beans
-8 oz halved cherry tomatoes
-2 Tbsp fresh cilantro
-salt and pepper to taste


1) Cook pasta. Reserve 1/2 cup of cooking water before draining.
2)  Heat olive oil in saucepan, add cumin and scallions, and cook for 2 minutes.
3) Remove from heat, mix in lime juice and beans.
4)  Add the 1/2 cup of pasta water (from step 1) and the pasta, to the beans mixture. Cook until boiling .
5) Remove from heat, add tomatoes and cilantro.

Serve immediately, or allow to cool. Eat.

Click HERE for the original recipe.

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